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Joyce Berglund, Travel Consultant at Escape by Travel LLC. 
Your Autism-Friendly Travel Agent

Joyce A. Berglund, M.S.Ed., Travel Consultant at Escape by Travel LLC,

My name is Joyce Berglund and I’m excited to become an independent contractor with Escape by Travel.  I’ve been in the field of education for 30 years.   Some of my achievements are as followed:

  • 2004 Founder/Teacher/Owner of Educational Care

  • B.A. Education; MN Licensed Teacher

  • M.S.Ed. Special Education/Learning Disabilities & Autism Certification

  • MN Licensed Early Childhood/Family Education & K-12 Education Academic/Behavioral Strategist & Autism Specialist

  • 30 years of experience teaching children, working with families and training other teachers

  • Recognition from Gov. Tim Pawlenty for Carlton County Family Child Care Provider of the Year!

  • Certified 200 hour Breathe for Change Yoga Instructor & Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Facilitator

  • Along with many more that I could share with you.

Escape by Travel is exactly my heart’s calling! Children, Motherhood, Family and Travel have all been a part of my life’s dream.  Now is the time to make my dreams come true.  In 2021 I fostered too, and have now adopted two precious boys! In September 2023 I married a childhood friend and the love of my lifetime. My husband and I are both thrilled to begin adventures in travel as a couple, with our family and with our friends. My heart is drawn to visiting and exploring Ireland as I am number 12 of 13 children whose grandparents immigrated to America directly from Ireland.

I’m intrigued by the natural wonders and historical sites from the Land of The Free, the United States of America.  I’m also in awe of the architecture, landmarks, and natural wonders of the world.  As an educator and lifelong learner I have a passion for helping others achieve their goals, all while learning and growing alongside them.  I have a natural love and curiosity for diverse cultures.  My hobbies now involve my children, including any outdoor activity, hiking, music, singing, dancing and reading books.

 Fun fact: I am a substitute librarian!!



  • Expertise in creating travel itineraries and accommodations that are sensitive to the unique needs and preferences of people with autism.

  • Educator/Teacher trips to explore and learn about educational programming in other areas of this country or other countries.

  • Heritage trips to Ireland and the U.K. 

  • Faith Based travel or church groups

  • Family travel

  • Group travel

Joyce Berglund

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