Bucket List dreams do come true...

If you ask people about their bucket list, most will not mention this country. If you say…Australia…they will usually say…”I’d like to go there” What many people don’t realize is how big Australia is. It is almost at large as the US, and consequently you need a travel plan to assure that you have the time available to do what you “must” do. It’s best to spend some time listing things that you “must” see and do…List those that you would “like” to see and do…and finally what you’d like to see and do but be OK with if you don’t. That's where I can help you. Australia is a greatly diverse destination. It has 8 independent states…each offering many unique opportunities. Escape by Travel can help

Chocolates & Coffees

As we drove with the top down on our Mustang we both started craving something refreshing. We were in the Sanibel Island area and heard about the wonderful place called Pinocchios. We both had gotten to sample a couple different ice cream flavors before we decided. They offered many different coffees, sandwiches and ice creams. It's a great little hideaway place. When planning your trips, we can help with it all. From car rental type to places to go dine. Lets connect for our personal touch when planning your vacation. Penny Gellatly www.bookescapebytravel.com Penny@bookescapebytravel.com We're booking 2019 & 2020 all ready.

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