Famous 7 Mile Beach

Image walking for miles on a beach that brings you stunning views & salty air. The famous 7 mile beach sits in Negril, Jamaica near the Norman Manley Boulevard. Negril is a small town with the population just over 3,000 people. Negril is known for their sandy beaches & shallow bays. Negril is also one of the most laid back destinations in Jamaica. That's another reason so many couples flock to that location. Negril is also know to many couples that love the romance per this beach. They love to have that quieter location & to be able to space yourself out from the other tourist. 7 mile beach is a public beach & offers a few different public access areas. DID YOU KNOW? Bloody Bay i

Your romantic escape to Greece.

Planning a romantic trip an vary from every aspect in travel. You can also plan an elopement, proposal, honeymoon, anniversary or destination wedding for any of the Greek islands. There are some amazing ways to travel & see more of Greece & their surrounding islands. Imagine having a stunning photo shoot with loved one in any of these stunning locations. Yes, photo shoot can be set up for you prior to your arrival. So if you are cruising the islands, we can set up to have any of these & other locations set up. There is no other place with this amazing views. Planning your romantic trip can be booked up to two years out. There are a few different options for how you can travel ther

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