Duluth COVID-19 Testing Site

Spring came, summer went & now we have snow on the ground all while COVID19 had hit the world. Everyone was affected by COVID19 one way or another. From job loss, home schooling to holding tight to a family member that has contracted COVID19. It's been a scary time full of unknowns of what our future holds. I'm positive that there will be a vaccine & hope that we can learn to live with COVID19 from there. Our world has become more of a tech savvy society vs. coffee visits. Grandparents are learning to use video to stay in touch with loved ones while kids are learning to do schooling from the comfort of their own homes. Yet each day something is always changing. With change comes the

Honeymoon Dreams vs. Hurricane Delta

I've have been working with a honeymoon couple for about 6 months. The idea of them getting married over a weekend & then fly off to their honeymoon a few days later was all they dreamed of. We worked together finding the perfect destination & resort for them while giving them all the newlywed package amenities. The storm prior to hurricane Delta was a concern for us. I was in touch with the Fabiola (e-concierge Secrets Akumal) regarding how are things looking. She sent a photo of how calm things were just the day after. So our honeymoon couple & I were communicating back & forth regarding the hurricane. Because there wasn't a clear picture as to how she was going to hit or miss, they d

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