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Robert Gellatly,  Travel Consultant at Escape by Travel LLC.

I am born & raised in West Duluth, MN & have been living in Cloquet, MN for about 30+ years.  I was also in the Air National Guard 148th Fighter Wing for 28 years.   While serving in the Air National Guard, I was able to travel a bit in the USA, Panama City, Panama & San Juan, Puerto Rico.

I met Penny in 2000 & it's been the best years of my life. We've been fortunate enough to travel even more through out the Caribbean, Mexico, Costa Rica, Ireland & Scotland.  

While following up with my Scottish heritage, our travel in Scotland was even more complete when I seen a street with 'Gellatly Street' on it.   Having the opportunities to travel throughout the Caribbean, Central America and Mexico, I'd have to say, it's where I can enjoy and honestly say that traveling is good for the body & soul.  

Now that I'm retired I find myself wanting to keep working.  I've been taking webinars as well as visiting different parts of the countries.  I've have received my certificate with C.I.E. Tours and I'd be happy to help plan your trip to Ireland & Scotland.  

I've recently completed the Aussie Specialist program and I'm constantly learning more about what Australia has to over to you.  In Oct 2017, I was able to visit the Norther Territory of Australia aka The Outback as well as Queensland area.  I can tell you from personal experience, this is a much see area.  In the Outback, hotels are at 100% capacity & therefore, I suggest booking early.  

Keep in mind, Australia is as big as the USA.  So there are 8 different states that have so much to offer you.  So let the experts at Escape by Travel take the stress out of planning your trip so you can have a Down Under experience.

Bob Gellatly


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