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10 mins. of your life ~ You'll never get back.

I know our lives are full of family, work & the daily shores. So, you're busy, I get it. We all are. But when it comes time to go on a vacation & get your air booked, wouldn't it be nice to be able to upgrade your seats or even pay for your seats with miles? This is why we ask our clients to sign up for Sky miles when traveling. There is value in doing so & taking the 10 mins. out of your crazy lives to do this. Down the road they do add up & therefore you would be able to use them or gift them for traveling.

We're happy to add your sky miles numbers to your trip. We want to see that later you can use them or upgrade with them.

I know I was able to use mine for a free trip & only had to pay tax on it. It was in my mind, huge value.

Here are some rules that are important that we forget.

1. If you have sky miles numbers & you have a name change, you MUST get that taken care by calling the airline sky miles dept. They will work with you to get your old account updated to the new name.

2. Your sky miles account number MUST match the name on the airline ticket. So if you get married ~ your passport & sky miles number is in your maiden name, no worries. As long as your passport isn't expired for travel times, you are good to go.

3. Everyone that is in a paid seat, can have sky miles number. Most start at age two. Minors just take a bit longer to get set up.

4. Just because you bought tickets for your entire family of 5, you don't get to claim those seats under your sky miles number. Each person has their own account number & it goes under their numbers. 5. You MUST have an account before traveling to be able to collect the points. You can't travel & then come home to sign up & go backwards to try & collect. If you already had sky mile account before traveling & you forget, you can go back and add them from the trip. I do believe most airlines have a window that this can be done.

Traveling is good for your mind & soul when it's a vacation time. Planning ahead is the best option for you to get better rates. Feel free to contact us at Escape by Travel for any vacation planning.

Thank you,

Penny Gellatly

Escape by Travel LLC

Cloquet, MN 55720

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