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Open Water Scuba Diving Experience

Where it all started…

I have had a hearing loss since I was 4 years old. Grew up with chronic ear infections day in and day out. My mother begged me to stay out of the water or at least keep my head out of the water. Being in the water makes me smile. Been told that I would never be able to scuba dive. It did break my heart to hear those words, since my friends when diving and I could only enjoy the pool. I have always has the love for the open waters. I was determined and I wanted to visit my ENT doctor for an appointment. After the visit, I was told that if I was unable to clear my ears, to surface. The doctor said that if I was to push my luck and force descending without properly clearing my ears, I could go deaf for ever. I will say that with only being able to hear low pitch sounds and reading lips for many years, I wouldn’t take any chances of doing any more damage to my ears.


I spent my open water dive experience with S.C.U.B.A. in St. Croix USVI. They were very aware of my hearing issues and I also had my doctor paperwork with me signed by my ENT Dr. So we talked about taking our time going down and making sure my ears were clearing before descending any more. With the great staff and their experience, I was able to descend down to start my open water training. After that dive and I had surfaced, there was a mortician that could get the smile off my face. This was the start of a new beginning in my life.


Looking like what did I get my self into. LOL


Getting ready to take the plunge.

The captain guiding me to the back part of the boat for my giant leap off to the new beginning of scuba diving.


Scuba diving is the only place on earth were I feel weightless, pain free & stress free. Being able to visit the most beautiful place and to see the sea life is just breathless.

2nd dive for the day was just as enjoyable as the first. The training was very rewarding and after the few days of diving, I knew that this was where my passion of freedom was.


Going over the last couple of things before descending. Jon was and is one of the best instructors.


Waving to my hubby on the boat before descending.


One happy certified open water girl!!

After my few days of dive training, I was certified. Thank you S.C.U.B.A. St. Croix and Jon for everything.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Remember Penny Gellatly from Escape by Travel is your scuba diving buddy with scuba diving deals & plans. You can find my deals on my website. If there is some place that you want to go and dive, contact Escape by Travel and I can book your complete package.

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