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Iberostar Paraiso Maya Resort is for everyone!

I hear it all the time, boy you have a rough job. Well, if I don't scope the resorts out, how can I give you a good recommendation. Yes, I do LOVE my job. We had a work conference at the Iberostar Paraiso Maya Resort in the RIviera Maya this October. We were lucky enough to arrive after the big storms & received no rain from Hurricane Patricia on the Pacific Coast. Our work conference was for 4 days of training, current upgrades of resorts, networking with suppliers about new up and coming resorts changes and so much more. This was a fantastic opportunity to network with other travel agents as well.


During our stay we arrived 2 days prior to get the feel of the resort as well as experience the service that was top notch. I had requested a ground floor with handicap bathroom that needed to be near the pool and dining. They did just that. The concierge desk was just outside our door for any assistance we needed. We called for the bell boy to come and pick us up and shuttle us around. They were very prompt & a nice little tip was very appreciated. Did I mention that there are 5 resorts in 1 complex of the Iberostar. If you are in the Palace, you have access to the other 4 resorts, however if you are Beach Resort, you didn't have access to the other resorts. As you walk through the different resorts, there were no 2 courtyards that were the same. They all had their own different style.


Our dining options at the a la carte were great. You were to choose off the menu for your main dish, however you served yourself from the buffet for salads, appetizers and deserts. Everything was very fresh on the buffet and many different options to choose from. We also requested our server for some Mexican Coffee and they put on a nice show. If you get a chance to enjoy the beach area, please do so.


Plenty of beach loungers to choose from. They also offered us lunch on the beach, which was very nice. It was a large 5x5 dish with spanish rice, large shrimp, clams & oysters. It was very authentic and tasty. They dished you up with lots of food.

Lunch on the beach was awesome and so much to go around. People were lined up. Please click on this link to watch my video.

Also on the beach, there wasn't much seaweed on the beach. On your way out to the beach, you walked through some mangroves that was the home to many coatimundi. You had to be careful when leaving food out in front of them, they weren't bashful and would help themselves. The resort has some beautiful birds around the property as well as the beautiful Peacocks.


This is a family resort with many different options for you to enjoy. This resort had a beautiful merry-go-round, a nice size wave pool, and kids pool sections of the pools for the families.

We did spend a lot of our time in conferences for 4 days. However, we were able to experience the beach party as if it was for a wedding party. It was wonderful with 2 bars, 2 buffet style foods and the mariachi band was fun. They tables were all lit up and glowed in the night. Very nice touch.


When you are thinking about going on a vacation, please reach out to Escape by Travel. We can take the stress out of you planning a trip and we also know what is going on at the resorts such as construction. Our personalized service is very detailed to ensure you all have a vacation to remember.

Escape by Travel in Cloquet, MN


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