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Scuba Diving in Barbados with Sandals Resorts

Sandals Barbados Aqua Center

Diving with Sandals Aqua Center crew was a blast. They were a great crew & always making sure that safety came first.

The dive boat isn't at the beach area like most resorts. Because of their strong waves, they don't have a dock on location. The location is about a 20 minutes away. It's a nice ride.


You will register with the Aqua Center near the swim up pool area and then from there you can get your times of diving set up.

You will meet in the lobby and from there be transported to the Aqua Center dive shop and dive boat. Sandals owns their fleets that are used for diving and snorkeling so you can bet they are top of the line boats.

There aren't any large fish such as sharks in this area as they have been pretty much over fished by local fisherman. However, there are hundreds of tiny little fish to take photos of and watch. With some of their wrecks that rest there, whether you are a beginner or advance there is something for everyone.

They have lots of coral, small fish, Christmas trees, trumpet fish, eels & lobsters. They do have some lionfish and as you can see we were hunting them as well. There aren't as many lionfish here as in the Caribbean.

Those that love to make bubbles & explore the sea life, contact Penny Gellatly, Escape by Travel for your next diving experience.

For those that have thought about diving, I'd love to chat with you more about diving. Maybe it's one more thing to scratch off the bucket list.

Escape by Travel in Cloquet, MN


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