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Final Resting Place...

December 7, 1941 was a day that we will all remember when we were bombed by Japan. This was a complete air strike that the USA didn't see nor hear it coming. Actually, they thought it was our bombers coming back home, unfortuately it was the real thing. It was the start of something huge & so many lives were loss.

The USS Arizona suffered a direct hit to it's amunition depot that sat near the front of the ship. Within 15 mins., the USS Arizona sunk. It left 993 sailors forever entombed within her hull.

Today you can see a slight oil sheen on the water...this is still oil rising from the USS Arizona. They are allowing this a resting place in honor of all of those loss.

When touring Pearl Harbor, you will have the opportunity to have headphones to listen to the tour. It's a great option to have so that you can listen at your own pace. I do suggest that you arrive at the earliest times available to ensure being crowded. We were allowed our phones/camera however NO bags or purses.

Here are a few of my personal photos I've taken while visiting Pearl Harbor.

This is a tour that you will want to book in advance and Escape by Travel can do this for you and your family. We can tell you what to expect and how to navigate it all.

Oahu is an island full of history, culture, adventure and amazing dining options. Be sure to contact us so we can create your best Hawaiian trip.

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Penny Gellatly


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