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Bucket List dreams do come true...

If you ask people about their bucket list, most will not mention this country. If you say…Australia…they will usually say…”I’d like to go there”

What many people don’t realize is how big Australia is. It is almost at large as the US, and consequently you need a travel plan to assure that you have the time available to do what you “must” do.

It’s best to spend some time listing things that you “must” see and do…List those that you would “like” to see and do…and finally what you’d like to see and do but be OK with if you don’t. That's where I can help you.

Australia is a greatly diverse destination. It has 8 independent states…each offering many unique opportunities. Escape by Travel can help you plan your trip.

There are downsides other that the fact that there is so much to see and do. It’s a long ways away, and you cross international date lines to get there. Leave on Monday…get there on Wednesday. Another issue is that many things are expensive. (but the wine and lamb is awesome and worth every penny)

I suggest that you fly to the West Coast and spend a night. Fly the next day…for about 16 hours to Australia’s East Coast. Spend a day or two around Sydney, or your whole trip for that matter. If you want to expand your visit to another state…we can make it happen.

Escape by Travel works closely with our preferred suppliers that live & breathe Australia life to help coordinate the tours. Not all tours are available each day. So timing is so important to make sure you get the best vacation package.

I have traveled there for work trip and was so happy that I had gone. It was an experience I'll never forget. There is nothing more pleasing to see when it was raining and we saw the waterfalls off of the Uluru. Breathtaking to say the least.

When planning your trip to Australia, be sure to reach out to Bob Gellatly for your next adventure. With my expertise, I can help guide you to the best trip of your life.

Contact me: Cell 218-591-3058 or Email:

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