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Duluth COVID-19 Testing Site

Spring came, summer went & now we have snow on the ground all while COVID19 had hit the world. Everyone was affected by COVID19 one way or another. From job loss, home schooling to holding tight to a family member that has contracted COVID19. It's been a scary time full of unknowns of what our future holds. I'm positive that there will be a vaccine & hope that we can learn to live with COVID19 from there. Our world has become more of a tech savvy society vs. coffee visits. Grandparents are learning to use video to stay in touch with loved ones while kids are learning to do schooling from the comfort of their own homes. Yet each day something is always changing. With change comes the different ways we look at life, move about & stay safe doing so.

COVID19 has affected the travel world as well. There were millions of people around the world that had cancelled trips, tours, and cruises or rescheduled for a later travel date. Some are still waiting to see what happens in the near months to come before rebooking. Safety is #1! There are some people that have done some traveling in the US or over to Mexico & parts of the Caribbean locations that have opened up with entry protocols that must be followed. All of them have given me the insights of their trip from how the resorts protocols are working to allow social distance. They all had hand sanitizer, using QR Codes for ordering their meals to beach & pool towels being replenished over & over throughout the day.

I wanted to share with you today where you can get a test done for COVID19 without having to leave your vehicle. Essentia Health is located in the former Sears building at the Miller Hill Mall. They are open from

9am - 5pm Monday - Friday. Saturday & Sunday hours are 9am to 2pm. They are offering you a Free E-visit at the You can also check with your Dr. to have it set up. NOTE: I'm not an employee or will I receive anything for talking about Essential site. I just want to share the location & hours so you know if you decide to travel somewhere that requires a test, you have an option. Bob had this done today only because of a future procedure requires it. He's not feeling in any way sick or shows any signs of illness. It's just standard protocol. So this is how it goes. You drive in & leave your car running. Put your window down & talk to the first person registering you. They will give you a tissue as your eyes tend to water after the test is done. Then they ask you to move your car forward for the testing. There a person will verify your name & DOB. They will proceed to use the long swab & insert it into your nasal cavity. There you can feel it as it's almost following your nasal passage down your throat. Bob said it was uncomfortable but doable. Once that's done, you are done. You can pull forward to exit the garage & go about your day. It was quick & simple process.

So for those looking to do any type of travel, please know that on a daily base, the travel industry is changing. Because of new finding of entry requirements to daily protocols, we at Escape by Travel are doing our best to stay in the know. We have some amazing partnerships with suppliers who also are keeping us up to date. Scrambling through the internet may cause frustration & be over whelming. Please email or call us to find out what protocols are in place for your next vacation. Remember, we are here to make things stress free for you from the minute you start planning the trip to the time you are back home. Feel free to reach us at 218-591-3058 or

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