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Famous 7 Mile Beach

Image walking for miles on a beach that brings you stunning views & salty air. The famous 7 mile beach sits in Negril, Jamaica near the Norman Manley Boulevard. Negril is a small town with the population just over 3,000 people. Negril is known for their sandy beaches & shallow bays. Negril is also one of the most laid back destinations in Jamaica. That's another reason so many couples flock to that location.

Negril is also know to many couples that love the romance per this beach. They love to have that quieter location & to be able to space yourself out from the other tourist. 7 mile beach is a public beach & offers a few different public access areas.

DID YOU KNOW? Bloody Bay is the start of the 7 mile beach & it occupies 3 miles of it. Bloody Bay area is a very nice calm bay area where many resorts are rested in. Bloody Bay got that name from the whalers who butchered their catch there. With all the fisherman in the area butchering so many fish, the bay became red with their blood. This no longer takes place in the area.

Occasionally you get very lucky to hear some local music as they walk the beach to entertain you. There are a lot of local Jamaican's that are selling smokes, straw hats, hand made bracelets & hand carved art. Can't for get the amazing shells that they offer too.

In Negril area, there are a lot of resorts to stay at. You have high end resorts that offer you luxury with butler service to a small hotel that may only have 10-15 rooms however they aren't all inclusive options. We are able to recommend the best option for your vacation based on your needs. Jamaica is the island of One Love. It's no wonder why so many couples go & get married there. Some do vow renewals & some elope to escape the stress of a local wedding back home.

Now wouldn't you love to be on this famous 7 mile beach with your loved one? Escape by Travel is here to help plan your trip. We have been to Jamaica 15 times & have stayed all over the island. We personally have a love for Jamaica & their culture. We find that their food is amazing with all of their spices they cook with. The people in Jamaica honestly just love to tell you their story. They all come from different backgrounds & their stories are so unique. Let the experts at Escape by Travel be your guide to an amazing experience in Jamaica.

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Penny Gellatly

Jamaica Specialist

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