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Happiest country in the world, 6 times in a row

Why Finland?

The world’s happiest nation is the perfect destination for the mindful traveler. It's no wonder they have been voted the happiest country for 6 times in a row.

It’s time to discover why this sustainable Nordic country is worth the visit. It’s a fantastic destination for business & leisure travelers who are looking for a more meaningful experiences. Finland stretches from the Baltic Sea to the Arctic Circle; therefore there is something for everyone. Finland offers accommodations beyond the ordinary which are unique as their terrain.

It’s one of the safest travel destinations to visit. Finland strives to become the world’s most sustainable travel destination. I had been walking late at night around the cities catching that very late night sunset with no worries. People are kind there. The cities are the cleanest that I've ever visited. The air and water is the cleanest in the world.

In Finland, you have 4 regions to visit. Helsinki, Lakeland, Lapland & Coast & Archipelago.

Getting to Finland is easy and traveling within the country is just as easy. A passport is all you need and Escape by Travel will help plan the trip for you. Their airport is unique, very clean & easy to navigate.


Finland is a land of stark contrasts. In the summer months, the sun doesn’t set at all in the northernmost parts of the country, hence the nickname “The Land of the Midnight Sun.” In the winter, the opposite happens, and the sun disappears for months. This time, called “kaamos,” isn’t completely dark, though. The white snow, bright moon and stars, and – if you’re lucky – the colorful Northern Lights, create a surprisingly light and magical nightscape.

One of the best ways to experience these two extremes is to sleep in a glass hut or cottage, surrounded by nature. If the outdoors isn’t your thing, you’ll stay warm, dry and cozy while gazing at the night sky and hopefully, the Aurora Borealis.

The most active seasons for the Northern Lights are autumn and spring, when Earth’s orientation towards the sun maximizes the probability of solar flares interacting with the planet’s magnetic field.


I had fallen in love with my visit to Finland. From the friendliest & kindest people, you are treated like family. I will be sharing more details of my trip over the coming weeks. I want you to understand that Finland has been off the radar for travelers, but you need to move that up your list. This destination is great for all everyone. Traveling can be done from a solo traveler to a larger group. Booking Finland needs to be planned in advance for larger group sizes due to the lodging needs and transportation.

I look forward to working with you all.

Penny Gellatly


Escape by Travel

Traveled to Finland Aug 2023.

Let us help you with your trip to Finland.

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