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Honeymoon Dreams vs. Hurricane Delta

I've have been working with a honeymoon couple for about 6 months. The idea of them getting married over a weekend & then fly off to their honeymoon a few days later was all they dreamed of. We worked together finding the perfect destination & resort for them while giving them all the newlywed package amenities.

The storm prior to hurricane Delta was a concern for us. I was in touch with the Fabiola (e-concierge Secrets Akumal) regarding how are things looking. She sent a photo of how calm things were just the day after.

So our honeymoon couple & I were communicating back & forth regarding the hurricane. Because there wasn't a clear picture as to how she was going to hit or miss, they decided to go ahead as planned. There were no waivers released from Delta Airline the morning of their flight out of the cities. However once they landed in Atlanta, waiver was released & I was helping to get their honeymoon trip rescheduled & bring them home. They said the Delta rep at the gate told them they had some options & then they called me. I dropped what I was working on to get them taken care of. They became my priority #1. I had booked their trip with Delta Vacations & they also had Travel Protection Plus which I highly recommend purchasing.

Here is what I suggested to the clients with the Waiver program that was now presented to us.

  1. Change the travel dates (example shift the dates providing resort has room & flights are available)

  2. Cancel the trip using the Travel Protection Plus

  3. Cancel the trip & reschedule for a later date & not loose the Travel Protection Plus

  4. Travel as normal with safety as #1

Now that's a lot to think about. The emotions were running high with the thoughts of their dream honeymoon & how it's going to play out. Keep in mind, I honestly don't know their work schedule or how flexible they could be with moving dates to avoid hurricane Delta. They talked about it briefly & said, if we can still leave this week after hurricane Delta hits, we would like to do so. So we picked a date! Then I told them to stay in line at the ticket counter as I needed to get things worked out on my end. I had given them the flight options of coming back home vs. staying in Atlanta until Friday (which the travel protection plus would be needed to use).

Also to asked the Delta gate rep to get their luggage off the connecting flight & to send it back to MSP. FYI - Your luggage can be tracked with that barcode they stick on your bags. I told them on their FlyDelta app to track their luggage to make sure it's where it needs to be.

The gate agent said there were so many others that were in the same situation as them, making changes & not traveling any further. I told them again not get out of line until they have a flight coming home. Staying in line would only give them a better flight option as Delta Airlines isn't filling in the middle seats, so space is limited.

I called the Delta Vacation destination help desk to check on hotel availability & reschedule flights. We were able to send them home & then reschedule them to head out on this Friday for their honeymoon back to Secrets Akumal. They didn't have to loose their Travel Protection Plus, they are getting the same room, newlywed amenities & great flight options as well. The honeymoon they dreamed of will come just a few days later than planned but well worth the wait.

Huge shoutout to Delta Vacations & Delta Airlines!!

Our honeymoon couples will be able to enjoy their stay at Secrets Akumal Riviera Maya FB page.


Planning a honeymoon or any romantic escape can be stressful; now, add a hurricane into the picture. Imagine being in an airport without knowing what to do or knowing what your options are. Our clients are extremely important to us & when a call like this comes in, nothing else matters. It's important to keep you safe & to make sure your trip can be handled with care all while keeping you as priority #1.

Escape by Travel isn't just a run of the mill travel agency; we are full of heart, compassion & knowledge. We deliver the service that you deserve as you have worked so hard to take your trip. Our response to any inquiry is very important & we will do our best to keep you in the know as your trip moves forward. Regardless of the time zone you are in, you can reach me at any time while traveling. The next time you or your friends are planning a big or small trip, please stop what you are doing & give us a call 218-591-3058. We are your travel experts! We want you to Discover the world, one culture at a time.

Penny Gellatly

Escape by Travel


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