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Looking for the best & forget the rest...

I must share with you the conversation I had with my client while she was traveling solo to Mexico. She was looking for a few nights to get away from it all. I thought The Fives Beach Resort & Spa would be the perfect fit for her. She was looking for all inclusive, amazing foods, good beach & spa location.

I would say of all the resorts that I’ve been to, the food here has been the best. They take safety and sanitizing so seriously they sanitize your luggage, you step on a mat of sanitizer solution before you walk into any building, and they also put hand sanitizer in your hand before you walk in any other buildings or stores at the resort. It is beyond gorgeous, my room is huge and has exactly the recharge I needed!

Check out a couple of photos & video's she's shared with me.

She too thought that this resort was beautiful.

Here is her room that she stayed in '1-Bedroom Resort Residence'

Looking for some more videos to view.

Just monkeying around today. Yes, that sure is a baby along for the ride.

The staff is exceptional the sanitation that they go through is way more thorough than anything I’ve seen in the United States. I got my Covid test, I have what they call my own butler but it’s not necessarily a butler it’s just a concierge that’s assigned to this area. They were good about getting in touch with me right away. Penny, I can’t tell you what a perfect recharge this was!! For your business this is a great thing to promote. People doing “self care” and going away for a short time. I would do it over and over and over again!!!

Thank you C.K. for sharing your trip with us.


This is a larger property & spread out however they do offer you golf carts rides. This resort is 1 miles from Playa Del Carmen. They offer 1, 2 & 3 bedroom Resort Residence rooms & Penthouse Resort Residence rooms. This is great option for large travel groups.

Let us help plan your next escape.

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