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While Covid19 had brought travel pretty much to a halt, it's only gotten me to move forward in a positive way. During the CV19 outbreak, the travel world stopped like so many other things in the world. As you know, Escape by Travel is my baby & my life. It's who I am! I am the face of Escape by Travel for those who know me & do business with me understand my passion to help others travel I had worked for no income during the pandemic & taking care of trip cancellations, changing current reservations, getting them a future travel credit/refunds & moving destination wedding groups around all while working with the suppliers. It was an ugly time & I'm so thankful that we're the ones with countless hours on hold trying to get answers as to how we are going to move forward with our clients best interest at heart. We had changed dates for some that thought maybe it would be done with come July but CV19 had won again. I had kept excellent notes for each booking so I could track it all. That had saved me when chasing refunds for those that have no intention of traveling again due to health concerns. So when you are thinking about traveling & have always booked your own travel packages online yourself, why not support a local business & let us do the work for you? Did you know we can save you time & money so you can relax with your family? Did you know, you are offered an open line of communications when planning & a 24/7 contact with me while traveling? Did you know that we have contacts with resorts & suppliers in case anything should happen while traveling?

Escape by Travel is your go to agency for booking travel. We know our knowledge is powerful & our expert advice is priceless! Can you say that about an Online Travel Agency when in a crisis?

Next time you are thinking about traveling or your know a friend who is going to be traveling, please take the time to reach out to us. It cost nothing to chat & to know if we are a good fit for each other. I feel that building the relationship is important when planning & making sure we cover all the things you want & need.

Escape by Travel is here to help you to Discover the World, Once Culture at a time.

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Penny Gellatly, Escape by Travel ~ Travel Advisor


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