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Small town with BIG impressions

Porvoo, Finland, is indeed a unique and historic town. It's known for its well-preserved old town, characterized by its red wooden houses and cobbled streets. Here are some key aspects of its uniqueness and history:

1. **Historical Significance**: Porvoo is one of the oldest towns in Finland, with a history dating back to the 14th century. It was an important trading and administrative center during Swedish rule.

2. **Old Town**: The heart of Porvoo is its charming Old Town, which has been remarkably preserved. The iconic red houses are a symbol of the town and create a picturesque atmosphere.

3. **Porvoo Cathedral**: The Porvoo Cathedral, built in the 15th century, is a significant landmark. It's one of the oldest and most valuable historical monuments in Finland.

4. **Cultural Heritage**: Porvoo has a rich cultural heritage, with various museums and galleries that showcase the town's history, art, and traditions.

5. **Literary Connection**: The Finnish national poet, Johan Ludvig Runeberg, lived in Porvoo, and his home is now a museum. His poem "Vårt land" was later set to music and became Finland's national anthem.

6. **Finland's First Diet**: Porvoo is famous for hosting the Diet of Porvoo in 1809, which was a crucial event in Finnish history. It led to Finland becoming an autonomous Grand Duchy within the Russian Empire.

7. **Events and Festivals**: The town hosts various cultural events and festivals throughout the year, adding to its unique character and vibrant atmosphere.

Overall, Porvoo's unique combination of historical significance, well-preserved architecture, and cultural heritage make it a special destination for both tourists and those interested in Finnish history.

My trip to Finland was amazing. It's the cleanest country I've ever visited and I can't keep it a secret any longer. You must go, take your spouse, your friends and family. It's a year rounds destination.

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