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Stephanie Alvarenga, Travel Consultant at Escape by Travel LLC. 
Your Wellness
 and Luxury Travel Expert.

My name is Stephanie; I grew up in Houston, TX, and have lived here all my life. I have five children, with only one left in the nest. She will soon fly away! My passion is wellness and travel. 


As I was growing up, I went through a lot of traumas and wanted to explore more in my healing journey. So, I said what makes me feel at peace? That was the sound of the waves, the wind blowing in my hair, the sound of the birds, and seeing the beautiful forest. I love taking hikes in the mountains and feeling the fresh, clean air. I began to travel and heal. For me, there was nothing better than being able to travel the world and see the different cultures and ways of living. Some places would open my eyes and show me how grateful I am to have what I have. Other places would make my imagination go beyond what I could ever have imagined. 

During my learning journey, I learned so many different Holistic ways of healing. With this, I became certified in level III Reiki Master, Tantra, Breath Coach, Licensed Massage Therapist, Hypnotist, and a happy coach. I opened RTB Spa in 2016 to help others find themselves and let go of trauma. I became a coach to help them heal and find themselves without medication. I love to watch my clients become the person they want to be and see them glow as they heal themselves. It is something different to watch someone come in from being torn apart and hating themselves to becoming someone they love and appreciate. With my experience, I have learned the wonders of gratitude and appreciation for others.


With all of this, I decided to become a travel agent who focuses on wellbeing and travel. Everyone’s idea of getting away and finding themself differs. As your travel agent, I want to know about you and your travel buddies: what makes you all smile? What makes you all feel free? My goal is to provide my clients with the experience of feeling Safe, Free, Open, and Well, whether that is on an exotic beach, high in the mountains, or on a small country ranch. We all deserve a wellness vacation!


Stephanie Alvarenga

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