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A river cruise, at first glance, seems like a wonderfully tranquil way to see some of the most historic towns and cities in Europe. Wait, did I say tranquil? Appearances are deceiving. Unlike coastal cruises, voyages along Europe's waterways rarely offer much time "at sea". And, in port, there are busy sightseeing schedules included at all stops, which range from major cities like Amsterdam and Vienna to delightful, small towns and villages like Austria's Durnstein and Germany's Breisach.

The biggest challenge about planning a European river cruise is identifying which itinerary most intrigues. We're here to help you narrow down your choice.  Most River Cruises are a week long (longer cruises are more detailed).   

Escape on a romantic mini-break, take an extended exploration, or something in between, with a River Cruise, you get to choose the cruise that reveals the very best of Europe, Southeast Asia, China, the Galápagos Islands, the Peruvian Amazon, or Egypt.

River Cruising makes it easy to find the perfect river cruise or small ship cruise. 

Take a Step Inside Faraway Places.
Awaken each morning embraced by a new world...a place that takes you back in time, yet where you'll find yourself totally in the moment. Away from the hustle and bustle of busy highways, the waterways of Europe, Asia, South America, and Egypt thread through beautiful landscapes stopping at many ports allowing you to explore well-known cities as well as small towns and villages. View river cruise & small ship cruise destinations below.

Combine Your River Cruise with a Vacation Package
You've seen the best of Europe along its waterways, spend a little more time and discover its inland treasures! You can add a pre or post stay for as many nights as you wish tot he river cruise.  

We can offer you independent travel without the hassles that typically come with "ordinary" independent travel.  You never have to worry about whether or not your htoel will have your reservation, how to get from here to there, or where to go once you get ot the destination ~ It's a perfect addition to your River Cruise vacation!


Escape by Travel can creates vacations with just the right balance of included features and free time, place you in great hotels, and tell the stories within every journey that bring your destination to life. Simply put, We are passionate in our belief that there's no better way to travel. So find your dream vacation and come along with us...your story awaits.

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