Planning your romantic escape can be complicated.  Not sure where to start?  Wondering if your guest traveling will be able to afford to attend your wedding? Thinking maybe we should get married at one resort & then escape for the honeymoon to another resort.  We're here to give you advice based on your interest.

Escape by Travel is here to assist you from the start. 

There is a lot of planning that is involved for your special day. 

Proposal trips

Looking at proposing while going on vacation?  Let's capture the moment so it's more than a memory.

Anniversary Trip

Planning your romantic Anniversary trip to Greece where you can have an experience. 

Familymoon Trips

A post-wedding trip, typically after a 2nd or 3rd marriage, in which children or other family members are included. 

Destination Weddings

Let us help you create a stress free wedding.  You have many options from beaches, roof tops, chapels, gazebos, gardens & pretty much anywhere you an imagine. 

Vow Renewal 

Retie the Knot is the perfect way to rekindle the fire once again.  




Planning your honeymoon can be tricky.  Finding the perfect location, perfect resort, perfect beach, well no worries, we're here to help.

Escape it all with eloping! Most elopements are no more than 6 people attending.  

 Destination Wedding Trends

So regardless which type of ceremony you are looking to do, we can make it happen. 
Let's connect!   

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